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Yamato Appoints New MD

Published on Friday 09 August 2013 (1:08pm)

Yamato Scale Dataweigh, the world's leading manufacturer of multi-head weighers and checkweighers, has announced the appointment of Steve McCallion as its new Managing Director with responsibility for the UK, Scandinavian, Middle East and South African business.

Based in Leeds at Yamato's UK headquarters, Steve will implement a new business strategy to increase sales year on year, expand the existing sales team and help to cement Yamato's reputation as the UK's leading provider of weighing solutions.

What is the value of regular machine cleaning?

Published on Tuesday 20 November 2012 (9:56am)

Regular cleaning can help ensure the continued optimal performance and efficiency of your weighing machine and can potentially reduce the need for maintenance in the long term.

Dangers of counterfeit parts in packaging

Published on Tuesday 23 October 2012 (12:25pm)

The harsh economic climate continues to be tough on businesses and ‘streamlining’ has become a watchword for the industry. However, it’s important to recognise the difference between smart, cost saving strategies that will reduce expenditure, and the corner-cutting stunts that only deliver inefficiency, stress and longterm financial loss.

Yamato: Manufacturing speed and accuracy

Published on Tuesday 23 October 2012 (12:17pm)

The packaging process

Efficiency and productivity have been the lifeblood of the food and drink industry since the industrial revolution. Getting products on the shelves of retailers across the country is a hugely complex operation and with so many moving parts, any minor problem can have a serious impact on a brand’s bottom line.

Yamato|Stats Line Monitor

Published on Wednesday 10 October 2012 (9:29am)

Critical information for continuous production line management

With consumers now becoming more cost conscious, it has proven to be a particularly difficult time for manufacturers who have been forced to reduce costs in order to survive. Industry directives such as the Weights and Measures Regulations demand that thorough checks are carried out in order to ensure absolute compliance which may pose a challenge to companies with large production runs.

Hints and tips: Dynamic compensation

Published on Friday 05 October 2012 (12:11pm)


Dynamic Compensation is an important element of Yamato checkweighers as it ensures consistently high levels of accuracy at all times. External influences such as noise, wind and vibrations from machinery and other equipment can all cause inconsistencies between dynamic weight and static weight measurements due to the extremely sensitive weighing capabilities of the machines.

Case study: Italian pasta manufacturer

Published on Thursday 04 October 2012 (1:42pm)

Italian pasta manufacturer increases throughput by investing in modern Yamato multihead weighers

Customer’s motivation for investment

The customer, an Italian pasta manufacturer, wanted to modernise their production line; with the aim of improving the efficiency and speed of the packing process, and thereby allowing the company to increase throughput and improve their profit.

Case study: Ahmad Tea

Published on Tuesday 02 October 2012 (12:55pm)

Customer’s motivation for investment

Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, drawing on three generations of tea blending and tasting experience. The company approached Yamato with the requirements of increasing the speed and accuracy of their production lines, whilst still maintaining the high quality of the final product.  Ahmad Tea produces a number of blended tea products which consist of numerous teas and flavourings and therefore the ability to undertake quick and easy product changeovers was also required.

Actuator repairs ensure optimum performance

Published on Wednesday 12 September 2012 (12:05pm)

Ian Aitchison, Technical Director at Yamato Scale UK, explains the role of an actuator and why actuator repairs are essential

Yamato prides itself on the integrity and reliability of all its weighing machinery. However, parts replacement becomes necessary at some point of the machine’s life due to general wear and tear and external influences. Actuators are essential to your machine's performance as they contain the ‘load cell’ or ‘weighing scale’ of the machine, as well as the motors and levers which control the movements of the buckets.

Case study: detergent manufacturer

Published on Friday 24 August 2012 (3:15pm)

Customer’s motivation for investment

The customer, a multi-national manufacturer of leading household detergent brands needed to modernise their weighing operations by moving from a volumetric weigher to a multihead weigher in order to significantly increase their speed and accuracy, while improving efficiency and profitability.