Published on Tuesday 07 August 2018 (10:28am)

Yamato Scale Dataweigh and automatic packaging machinery and systems manufacturer, Rovema, held an exciting and successful in-house packaging event in July.

Yamato and Rovema customers brought their own products to trial with the new fully compostable and recyclable packaging. Yamato and Rovema demonstrated a range of sustainable food packaging solutions for a variety of applications in several food industry sectors – including snack and confectionery – at the fortnight-long event.

The Open House event took place at Yamato’s Leeds premises with Yamato demonstrating its Alpha Advance multihead weigher alongside Rovema’s BVK 260 bagger.

The BVK 260 bagger is designed for flexible high-speed packaging, using 100 per cent recyclable and compostable films, and can pack a diverse range of products when combined with a multihead weigher.

Ideally matched, the Alpha series of automatic multihead weighers deliver high-speeds of 75 weighments per minute (WPM) by the 10-head model and 140 WPM by the 14-head model. Its speed – combined with its accuracy, delicacy in handling fragile products and excellent hygiene – make this a truly world class combination of weigher and bagger.

“It was a great open house event; we were booked up for the entire fortnight and it was fantastic to have Rovema join us, in what was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our weighing solutions in combination with leading bagging machines.” said Andrea Spencer, commercial operations manager for Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK.

Rovema’s sales manager Alistair Bown added: “We are constantly working hard to bring customers the best new packaging solutions to ensure that they stay ahead of the game. This event was a great demonstration of turnkey packaging solutions and enabled customers to trial their own products in recyclable and compostable film.”

Due to the success of this open house, it is hoped that a similar event will take place later in the year. For more information on Yamato’s automatic weighing solutions, please contact Andrea Spencer on 0113 322 1546 or email andrea.spencer@yamatoscale.co.uk.