Yamato launches high-speed multihead weigher

Published on Friday 30 September 2011 (1:00pm)

Yamato Scale Dataweigh has launched a brand new, high-speed addition to its multihead-weighing portfolio. Aimed predominantly at the food, confectionery, snack, powder and detergent sectors, the Dataweigh Omega applies groundbreaking technology to improve productivity – operating at speeds of more than 200 weighments per minute (WPM) and increasing yield weights of up to 1.6%. The system also boasts improved environmental responsiveness – by offering a reduction in power consumption of 60% – ease-of-operation and food safety.

The system benefits from new high frequency technology, which withstands any unbalanced loads and minimises load cell vibrations. A lattice digital filter adapts to optimum weighing conditions and allows for high-speed operations, whilst a dual load cell eliminates low frequency vibrations. Meanwhile, a toggle-less gating mechanism reduces the mechanical impact on the load cell and suppresses the bucket gating noise. Individually adjustable collating chutes also facilitate high-speed discharge, ensuring flexibility and enhanced product diversity, whilst the accuracy of the system means there is little product waste.

Neil Fowell, Managing Director of Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, commented: “The launch of the Dataweigh Omega series is a revolutionary addition to our portfolio. It features ground-breaking technology, which has not been used in the industry before and means we can offer significant benefits to customers in terms of productivity, operability, maintainability, food safety and environmental responsiveness.”

In addition to improved productivity, the Dataweigh Omega series also facilitates better food safety. IP67-compliant, the solution can be easily cleaned thanks to a polygon shaped bucket. The streamlined main body prevents contaminants by reducing irregularities in the surface whilst special bonding means buckets have no space for dust and bacteria propagation. Meanwhile, a barcode reader prevents incorrect operation by the automatic input of programme selection. The system is also easy to maintain, allowing for quick recovery and shortened downtime, and simple to operate.

Neil concluded: “The Omega series is more precise than other high-performance machines so we are confident that it will deliver on customers’ expectations. We’re really looking forward to seeing companies reap the benefits that the system can deliver.”